Are you planning to make your interiors look more modern and luxurious? If yes, Wainscots are the best choice for you. Plain walls with no décor and trim work can induce a feeling of nostalgia and laziness. If you want to give your dull and boring rooms an uplift, get them designed with trims, molds and wainscots that run in a horizontal direction on the lower wall portions. Not only do they enhance the beauty of a space but also hides moisture stains and permanent scratches.

There are different types of wainscotings available, and you can choose the one that meets your expectations and adds value to your home. Wainscots can be installed anywhere, right from the stairs to hallways and entrance to lobbies. Some common wainscot designs available are:

  • Shadow Boxes

    Shadow boxes are a typical type of wainscots that are composed of trim pieces which are usually in a stained or painted form. They are laid in a form that runs around a series of horizontal frames or boxes alongside the lower portion of the wall. To enhance their beauty, they can be bordered with baseboard at the corner and chair rail at the top side.

  • Panel Molding

    Panel molding is quite similar to shadow boxes. The only difference is that the former one is composed of panels instead of frames or boxes. This design offers a more clean and finished look when recessed behind frame pieces. Also, the panel molding is considered far superior in quality, design and sophistication that makes it the preferred choice among homeowners.

  • Beadboard

    This is the simplest form of wainscoting that is quite easy to install compared to other wainscot types. Beadboards consists of panels having a pattern of symmetrical vertical grooves which offers a warm and luxurious look to the wall.

So, these are some of the common types of wainscoting you can choose for your homes. Wainscots not only enhance the décor of a room but also provides protection from moisture damages. If you are planning a wainscoting installation project in Toronto, rely on our professionals at Dream Trim Moulding.

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