Bare walls are completely fine, but they can appear a bit dull. Enter crown moulding, an inspiring wall and ceiling design type that can breathe life into your indoor space.

From corbels and wainscoting to waffle ceilings, we’ve covered some of the most amazing crown moulding ideas to inspire your home design.

Coffered Ceilings

Spacious room with not a lot of furniture in it? This can look a bit too bland, even to a minimalist. If you want to retain the uncluttered vibe in a big room but are a fan of ceiling moulding ideas, waffle ceilings (also known as coffered ceilings) might be right up your alley. This crown moulding type owes its namesake to the fact that it’s kind of reminiscent of waffle pockets.

Combine this ceiling moulding with some pot lights, and you’ll retain the minimalist design without the bland appearance.

Victorian Wainscoting

Bear with us; the fact that something has “Victorian” in its title doesn’t mean that it has to look rustic. This type of wall crown moulding is particularly effective next to stairs. However, going with full-blown wall moulding on staircases isn’t recommended here – it has a tendency of making the whole vibe overwhelming.

Victorian wainscoting will make your staircase look interesting without over-cluttering the design. The standard recommended colour here is white. We’d also recommend keeping things simple in tight spaces like staircases and going with a plain colour. There are no strict rules when it comes to design, though.

Bathroom Wainscoting

We know what you’re thinking. Bathroom crown moulding is one of the “poshest” wall moulding ideas out there. And yes, installing crowns across an entire bathroom wall might be a bit over the top. But bathroom cabinetry-level wainscoting can really tie the room together.

Bathroom wainscoting is incredibly convenient if you want to decorate a small bathroom. Instead of adding decorative elements, decorate the lower part of the bathroom wall. Picture-frame panels are a perfect fit here.

Kitchen Moulding

The kitchen, regardless of its size, rarely gels with big wainscoting designs. However, some symmetrical ceiling moulding can go a long way to making a kitchen feel cozy, but not cluttered.

With this design, it’s important that you follow the cabinetry. In other words, kitchen ceiling moulding should hug your cabinets. Add a discrete lighting option to the ceiling and install pot lights under the cabinets to complete the look.

Modern Living Room Moulding

Most people are into typical moulding designs. They don’t want to overcomplicate things and still want to make the most out of all the wainscoting benefits. But crown moulding doesn’t have to boast that “Ancient Greece” vibe. There are various contemporary crown moulding ideas to consider.

The modern moulding fits best in contemporary living rooms, but you can apply them anywhere. If you have a moulding design idea of your own, go with it, but keep in mind that this design works best with vivid wall colours. This is not to say that you can’t make them work with white walls and ceilings, as long as it fits the interior design.

Lighted Crown Mouldings

In some instances, adding lighted crown moulding to your home design can be over the top. But if your rooms are tall or you have a gallery-type of a deal, lighted crown mouldings can bring a lot of warmth, coziness, and, well, light into your home.

Don’t worry; this won’t make your interior look like a Christmas tree – the lighting used here is discrete and gentle.

Hallway Wainscoting

Hallways can look very bland without any decoration. You can add various pictures, paint the walls whatever colour you like, but the hallway will still look like it’s missing something. Adding items is always an option, but hallways are typically narrow, which means little wiggle room.

Wainscoting doesn’t take up any space and can still fill the void of a bland area. You can go with picture-frame wainscoting, but feel free to get brave and creative.

Corner Blocks

Corner blocks are one of the most typical ceiling moulding ideas. This is a good thing actually – popularity means that something works.

Corner detailing can genuinely change the overall vibe of a room for the better. But functionality is not foreign to corner blocks. Instead of tearing down drywalls for cable refits, you can have your electric installations go through corner blocks. This is a very convenient idea that won’t compromise your interior design.

Tying the Rooms Together

If you carefully plan out the crown moulding design for your home, you’ll not only tie a room together but make your entire home feel whole. These crown moulding ideas work great when applied in correct scenarios but can turn out underwhelming if not planned out correctly.

If you aren’t sure that you are up to the task, refer to the experts, and work on your crown moulding with them. Take care of your interior design – after all, this is your home that we’re talking about.

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