You can choose from several types of crown moulding installations:

  • Wooden crown moulding: Many homeowners choose wooden crown moulding for its natural look and elegance. However, this type of crown moulding installation is often expensive and more prone to tear and wear.
  • Polyurethane and PVC moulding: These types of crown moulding are ideal for highly humid areas. They are lightweight and easy to install. The major downside is that they offer limited design options.
  • Medium-density fiberboard (MDF): MDF is one of the cheapest crown moulding installations. The primary disadvantage of MDF is that it’s susceptible to scratches.
  • Polystyrene: Polystyrene is another excellent option if you’re looking for a cost-effective crown moulding installation, but you may need several coats of paint to smooth it out to achieve the desired look.
  • Plaster moulding: Plaster is an excellent option if you need crown moulding in a large area. Plaster moulding installation is best done by a professional and is more expensive compared to other types.

Types of Crown Moulding

Several different designs are available in the coffered ceiling to give a long-lasting style to your room, such as:

  • Traditional Rectangular
  • Geometric Pattern
  • Rustic Square Grid Patterns
  • Contemporary, Minimalistic Pattern Of Beams

Benefits of Crown Moulding

Crown moulding serves many more functions than just being decorative. Here are other benefits of installing crown moulding in your home:

  • Hides imperfections: Besides enhancing the overall look of the home, crown moulding installation between ceilings and walls also covers irregularities in those areas, creating a smoother, more professional look.
  • Adds visual interest: Crown moulding is an architectural feature that can turn any space from bland to charming. Its clean lines and multidimensional design adds visual appeal without looking flashy or distracting, giving your room a noticeable upgrade.
  • Improves property value: Finishing off living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms with professionally installed crown moulding makes your home look elegant. It can increase your property’s value and will appeal to prospective homebuyers.
  • Variety of styling options: Thanks to the wide range of crown moulding options available, you can find the right match to your personality and the style of your home.

Is DIY Crown Moulding Installation a Good Idea?

If you understand how crown moulding works and have the time, the right tools, the experience and know-how, and plenty of working space, you can install your crown moulding yourself. However, most homeowners can’t meet the requirements necessary to install crown moulding on their own, so it’s best to hire a professional.

Professionally installed crown moulding will provide you with the best results in terms of elegance and style. Whether you want to conceal cracks and irregularities or are looking to enhance the appeal and value of your home, Dream Trim Moulding will deliver what you desire. With a commitment to durability and customer satisfaction, we offer a range of crown moulding services to meet your specific needs. Contact us at 647-309-5443 or via for a quote today.

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