From textures to shapes and from colors to patterns, current trends in the interior trim and molding of home décor are all about feature walls. A quick and easy way to enliven a space, feature walls, also called accent walls, can offer a high impact or a subtle pattern.

Fireplaces and wall-mounted televisions are already feature walls. Use these existing focal points around which to build your feature wall. Also, behind a headboard in a bedroom is ideal. The eye is drawn to one spot. The room’s architecture is your guide.

Revisiting classic styles can bring an elegance and sophistication to a home. Evolving timeless looks into recent feature wall design trends can be a fun and unexpected path to transforming your home. Here are just a few trends in home décor’s use of feature walls:

  • Vertical Wood Panels – for a rustic accent in a contemporary room for a modern farmhouse style.
  • Square Panels – for an elegant and luxurious element in your space, create a feature wall of square panels behind a headboard
  • In addition to the vertical wood panels and square panels, shapes of all kinds can make for a dynamic feature wall, including chevrons, bent bubbles, and a diamond pattern
  • Color combinations on your feature wall can add character to your room of choice. Without having to paint the whole room, a feature wall gives you the opportunity to add a pop of color. For example, a rich blue paint brings character and depth to your feature wall. Combined with the softer hues of brown and pink, your color combination is warm, as well as striking.

Adding richness and depth to the wall, the décor element in a feature wall can add traditional elegance to your home. A versatile décor element, a feature wall can be the vehicle to a wide range of styles and effects to increase your home’s appeal

Whether you’re leveraging a feature wall to bring a specific design such as chevrons or diamonds, or you’re incorporating your feature wall with a color pattern to create an art deco look or another high-contrast appearance, your decorating aspirations are quickened with the use of a feature wall for both a classic feel, as well as a contemporary spin on a classic design.
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