Some people argue that decorative wall trim moulding is what separates a living space from a jail cell. A large, flat wall can quickly become dull to look at, especially in a home where you’ll be spending most of your waking hours if working remotely becomes your new norm.

Minimalism is all the rage nowadays. If you’ve seen its most popular designs in magazines and YouTube videos, sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between a living room and a dentist’s reception area, a walk-in closet and an Apple Store, and a bedroom from a motel room. Decorative wall trim mouldings create a comfortable atmosphere and add a unique personality to your living space. They provide an easy visual transition between your walls to your doors, stairs, windows, and cabinets.

If you’re building a new home and you’re putting in the finishing touches, here are five beautiful decorative wall trim moulding ideas to get you started.

Keep It Simple

If your house has a modern Scandinavian interior, it might have various exposed materials like brick, concrete, or bright wood as a focal wall. Sometimes the key to a good design is keeping things simple. Architects and designers use exposed materials sparingly on interior walls because they’re massive accent pieces, naturally drawing the eye to just one side of the room.

Don’t compete with your exposed walls. Opt for arched windows and doorways that will give a light, less-busy feeling to your interior. Use exposed walls in areas with a lot of foot traffic, such as living rooms and dining rooms. These areas have a busy, industrial feeling that might be unsuitable for the relaxed atmospheres of bedrooms and restrooms.

Variety Is Key

If you’re decorating a room with no exposed walls and only one or two pieces of hanging artwork, you can experiment with multiple wall mouldings, window trims, and door trims. Limit yourself to three types of mouldings, because too many can make a room look crowded and disorganized.

Multiple trims are ideal for bathrooms, guest bedrooms, and powder rooms. They can make rooms appear larger than they are, so they are best suited for tight spaces. For example, a combination of white, eye-level vertical chair rails and beadboards will brighten up any room. When paired with a ceiling trim, it will visually fool the eye into thinking that a ceiling is higher.

For a Regal Finish

Choosing a thick, dark wood trim has been a favorite of Gothic and Victorian designers since the 12th century. Both architectural styles are known for heavily stylized rooms that are intricately awash with design elements. Today, interior designers have to modify them so they can remain palatable for modern tastes.

Dark wood trims can provide a regal, stately impression to any room, but it’s important to pair them up with a warm color palette and soft lighting to keep your home from looking like an old church. Put a chandelier or a ceiling lamp at the center of a room with wood floors and trims. A fireplace is also ideal, along with windows and some sconces, so it stays nice and bright.

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