A crown moulding contractor helps you achieve a professional finish when completing your home improvement. The finish carpenters at DT Moulding ensure that every section of the crown moulding fits together perfectly.

Why You Should Hire Professional Moulding Companies

Getting crown moulding installed seems simple at first glance. Many DIY enthusiasts think that buying the strips and cutting them to size is a simple matter. Technically, they’re correct.
Realistically, however, getting the perfect join and ensuring the right fit requires a high level of skill. Working out the correct measurements seems simple enough, but variances in wall angles and surfaces make fitting more challenging.
Creating the perfect mitre joint while also hiding the home’s imperfections requires experience. Don’t think of attaching the boards to the wall as a simple task. The medium-density fibreboard is relatively lightweight. Even so, the length and angle make it a tricky process.
You also need both expensive and bulky equipment to complete the job correctly. Installers of crown moldings may use:
  • Routers
  • Chop Saws
  • Tables Saws
  • Pin Nailers
Finally, the finish carpenter may use a combination of several techniques to complete the design. They can create custom scrollwork that makes each piece unique.

What to Look for in a Professional Finish Carpenter

To find the best carpenter for the job, consider the following.


A finish carpenter specializes in the smaller refining details. They put the final touches on your renovation or build. Their services might include:
  • Crown Moulding Installation
  • Coffered Ceiling Installation
  • Wainscoting Installation
  • Decorative Trim Installation
  • Custom Millwork Installation
  • Finish Carpentry
DT Moulding focuses on the areas and general finish carpentry. Our team of expert carpenters can create a custom look for your dream home. With more than eight years of experience in the industry, our team has the expertise you require.

Other Services You May Require

Finish carpentry involves much more than crown moulding. A professional team should also be able to assist with:
  • Other Trim Work: Such as decorative effects on doors and windows, panelling, and wainscotting installation.
  • Door Fitting: Properly hanging doors requires some skill. Many finish carpenters offer this service because it requires a high degree of accuracy. With a professional eye for detail, this is simple for our team.
  • Cabinet Installation: Securely mounting cabinets also requires a high degree of accuracy. In some cases, our team will also apply a custom trim to the doors after the installation.

What Materials Do They Use?

Crown moulding comes in a range of materials:
  • Wood: Wood serves as a classic if expensive choice. The benefit of paying the extra money means it won’t warp and is highly durable.
  • MDF: Fibreboard provides an affordable alternative to wood. It’s not always the best option, however, as it may warp.
  • PVC, Polyurethane, or Polyethylene: These synthetic boards shouldn’t warp over time. They may, however, yellow with age and won’t match every home’s decor.
You want to look for a company that works with at least two of these three materials. Doing so allows you access to a broader range of customizations at differing price points.
Speak to the DT Moulding team for advice on what type of material works best for your home.

What Style Options Do They Offer?

If you’re building your dream home, you may require tailormade crown moulding. Speak to the contractor about how they can assist with different styles. A professional firm will help you narrow down the best options for your home.

Can You See Examples of Their Work?

At DT Moulding, we display our work with pride on our website. When choosing a contractor, you need to see examples of their work. Properly experienced companies should have plenty of projects to display.

Do They Prioritize Service?

The final thing to look for in your moulding contractor is a commitment to service excellence. At DT Moulding, we make a point of:
  • Completing the work on time and budget
  • Keeping our promises
  • Working with the best-quality supplies
  • Consistently delivering the highest standard of work

Are You Looking for a Crown Moulding Contractor?

Call the DT Moulding team at 647-309-5443 to speak to one of our finish carpenters today. We pair top-quality supplies with artistry to complement your home or business perfectly.

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