Finish carpentry involves building, installing trim (around doors and windows), floor moulding, crown moulding, baseboards, stairs and rails, and more. This finishing carpentry provides the decorative touches that add fine artisanship to your home and can transform a home’s structural appearance from plain to dazzling.

Finish carpentry is not something that just anyone can do well, especially if they don’t have any experience. Just because someone can saw wood or use a hammer and nails does not make them a finish carpenter. This skilled process involves complex tasks and requires expertise, proper equipment and tools, and precision with measurements and mathematical calculations to get any project, big or small, done on time and with distinction.

The Benefits of Hiring a Finish Carpenter

If your project needs finishing carpentry, be sure to hire a professional finishing carpenter. Check references and ask to see photos of previous projects. This is not a DIY project that you can do by yourself or even ask your friends to give you a hand with. A professional finish carpenter knows all about construction and material operation and can handle different carpentry projects in a quality manner.

Here are some of the reasons why we recommend hiring a finishing carpenter to install decorative trim and other significant finish work in your home.


Like any homeowner, you want each home project to be perfect—and installing decorative trim is no exception.  You can only achieve that by hiring a person who is well-versed in the specifics of the job. Even though you may think it looks easy, don’t try to do the precision finishing work yourself. This work requires a very special know-how.

Saving Time

A professional finish carpenter has all the equipment and tools needed for all types of projects, including installing decorative trim—and has done it all before, so they have both the judgment and skills to work efficiently. DIY jobs might take you weeks, if not months, to complete the job, compared to days by an experienced carpenter. And we won’t mention the tear-downs, re-dos, hair-pulling and cursing in frustration that you might do along the way!

Guaranteed Results

Not only will a professional finish carpenter get the job done quickly, but the end product will be of the highest standards and meeting your preferences. A professional carpenter would also not take off without cleaning the mess–professional finish carpenters should clean up the debris and leave your place spotless.

Increase in Property Value

If you plan to ever put your home on the market, you will want the craftsman-like details of your home to be as appealing as possible, not look like the work of a DIYer. Evident, poorly executed home improvement projects will turn away prospective buyers. As an investment in your house, hiring a professional carpenter will improve your indoor aesthetic and increase your property value.

No Extra or Hidden Costs

When hiring a reputable finish carpenter, you sign a contract that includes the cost for your project, additional expenses, and fees. You will know the total cost for the project, with no extra or hidden costs to impact your budget.

Contact Dream Trim Moulding for Your Finish Carpentry Needs

Whether you need a complex or a simple project, Dream Trim Moulding can satisfy your needs. You can rely on our professional carpenters’ work quality and know that every dollar from your budget goes towards the impeccable design work in your home.

For a licensed and qualified finish carpenter, call Dream Trim Moulding today.

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